Getting a massage in San Diego, CA is an integral component of your overall health and well-being. As each year goes by, it becomes more obvious that integrated approaches to health care are raising the scope of possibilities in terms of rehabilitation, healing, maturation and preventive care. Even though chiropractors focus on restoring the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, massage has proven valuable when used in coordination with a chiropractic treatment plan. It seems as if massage therapy tends to be forgotten, if not ignored by many health professionals. Because of this, our team of professionals at Biophysics Chiropractic has put this information together to help you understand and determine if massage therapy at our clinic in San Diego CA is in your best interest.

What can Massage Therapy in San Diego CA Do for Me?

Treatment plans for massage therapy are tied into your area of concern or current condition. Massage therapy results will vary from one individual to another. To better understand some of the benefits you can expect to experience in massage therapy, our Biophysics Chiropractic team has put together the following list:

Stress and anxiety reduction
Improvements in Sleep
Diminished intensity and frequency of headaches
Improved circulation
More efficient and faster healing after any injuries related to sports
Correct posture
Improvement in neck and back pain

Different Types of Massage Therapy

Before you begin your care, the therapist will discuss your current issues and what type of outcome you can expect. The best therapists are going to begin by completing a complete history and exam, which is followed by developing a treatment plan. Some of the common forms of massage are outlined below:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages are normally what people see what they picture themselves at the therapist. The procedure has been around for close to three centuries; it has grown into the most popular form of massage used by therapists today. For those who are in need of stress relief and overall relaxation, this is the perfect type of massage for you.

The underlying principle of Swedish massage lies in the use of deep compression and movements throughout the musculature, generally following the flow of blood in that specific area. Massage therapists alternate through five different types of strokes known as vibration, friction, effleurage, petrissage and tapotement, while communicating with the individual to figure out how much force is needed when massaging the tense or damaged tissue.

Trigger Point Therapy

Are you suffering with a painful spot that feels like a knot? If so, you probably have a trigger point. These areas are described as a muscle that has become irritated from a number of different reasons. Once the muscle is irritated, the muscle will become extremely sensitive and a diminished amount of functionality. Pain is often felt throughout the entire muscle, not just in the affected site. Pain at the trigger site is going to vary from a dull ache to a sharp, stabbing pain.

Therapists work to identify where the trigger point is and apply the right amount of pressure to relieve the irritation. Unlike their Swedish massage counterparts that are intended to relax your body, this massage requires active involvement from the individual. Contracting the tight muscle is required, as well as deep breathing throughout the entire massage. Make sure and prepare for this type of therapy by being prepared for a certain degree of discomfort. It will often require more than one treatment for full relief.

Sports Massage

Participating in sports places an undue amount of stress on your tissues than what you will experience during regular daily activities. Specialized massage techniques will help to promote rehabilitation, healing and a reduction in overall symptoms. It is here where sports massage enters in. Beyond decreasing the amount of time required for the rehabilitation process, they can also diminish the likelihood of an injury occurring in the first place.

Since individuals can suffer from injuries at home or work resembling sports injuries, this massage can help those individuals as well. Unlike Swedish massage focusing on the entire body, this massage is designed to treat one to two regions specifically. Over the course of time, patients will notice a reduction in pain and increased movement within the damaged area. In turn, this will help to reduce the likelihood of an injury recurring down the line.

Our team of professionals at Biophysics Chiropractic in San Diego, CA are dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals.

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