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Chiropractic care helps football players perform their best, hear from famous player Jerry Rice below:

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Chiropractic care can help you recover from sports related injuries and even prevent them. Selecting the right San Diego sports chiropractor can be difficult, but there are some basic principles that will help you choose the right doctor for you.

Why choose Dr. Bart Conn as your chiropractor? Doctor Conn specializes in the treatment of the unique problems athletes face. He has the expertise to identify and treat sports injuries while maintaining healthy muscle tone and flexibility. He understands that athletes’ bodies work differently, and he understands how to work with the body instead of against it.

Athletes spend large amounts of time training in their chosen field of endeavor. Any time lost from training can affect performance both short-term and in the long run. Chiropractic care can help them return to their training regimen faster and with fewer side effects than traditional therapies. Our team will understand your active lifestyle and can help you recover faster from your sports-related injuries or strains. Complete recovery and preventing similar injuries in the future should be the ultimate goal of your treatment.

Common Sports Injuries in San Diego CA

The most common sports injuries fall into the categories of sprains/strains, tendon injuries, joint injuries, fractures, dislocations, and swollen muscles. Traditional medical treatments can misdiagnose these conditions due to lack of experience and knowledge of the physiological differences between athletes and non-athletes. Doctor Conn is experienced in the specific needs of athletes, and he is trained to recognize and correctly identify your injury, vital in order to ensure your care is beneficial.

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Even if you have not yet experienced an injury, our team at Biophysics Chiropractic can help you optimize your athletic performance by improving neural efficiency and preventing long-term stress-related injuries by teaching you better training habits and educating you about your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Building a good working relationship with your doctor is essential, not just when you are injured, but to get that extra advantage over your competition.

Whether you are an athlete or non-athletic, contact Biophysics Chiropractic today to improve your performance.

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