"I have been seeing Dr. Cohn for over 18 years! He always makes me feel better after each tuneup! His office staff and massage therapist is great and I highly recommend them to anyone who has any pain or just want a healthy spine!"

- Susan L.

"Dr. Conn's treatment has helped me return to a comfortable life without the pain and inconvenience of back pain. He's a great guy who knows his stuff and his staff is outstanding. Thanks for all the help!."

- Alex S.

"I love the staff at Biophysics Chiropractic and Dr. Conn. He as been adjusting me for several years now. He has helped me stay healthy and pain free. When I have had critical pain he has been there to help me and the results have always been great. He also offers massage therapy and his therapists are well trained and have contributed greatly to my health and wellbeing."

- Barbara L.

"Dr. Conn has done a wonderful job of minimizing my back and sciatica pain over the last few years. I have an adjustment every three weeks or so to keep my back on check. Both he and his staff are kind and courteous and I highly recommend them."

- Carole R.

"Getting adjusted keeps me up and walking; it has reduced getting migraines and it had reduced sinus infections. The Doctor encourages you with his kind words and suggests natural healing remedies and the Staff is welcoming, making each visit a pleasure to get adjusted!"

- Patricia P.

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