The Correlation between Excess Body Weight and Lower Back Pain in San Diego

Lower Back Pain

Did you know there is a correlation between excess body weight and lower back pain in San Diego? Many professionals have long believed that individuals who were classified as overweight or obese based on BMI were at a higher risk of developing lower back pain. A recently completed research study proved that this process of thought was correct. Furthermore, it found that excess weight contributed significantly to the development of lumbar spine disc degeneration. Lumbar discs act as “shock absorbers” between the vertebrae. The study consisted of 2,600 men and women over the age of 21. Researchers found that obese individuals frequently have a pronounced narrowing of the disc space. This places excess stress on the discs causing them to degenerate resulting in bulging and herniation. Additionally, fat cells have been found to contribute to lower back pain. This is due to chronic low ­grade inflammation. Researchers are hopeful that the results of this survey will help motivate overweight individuals to lose weight.

It is good to know that a bulging or herniated disc can encroach on adjacent nerve roots. The results are numbness, tingling, pain, muscle weakness and /or organ dysfunction. This can occur anywhere in the body that receives the assistance of the nerve in question.

Adding regular chiropractic care to your weight loss plan can have a positive impact on your overall health. Many people are not aware that chiropractic care also stresses the importance of adding exercise and a healthy diet to your daily life. This is because wellness and lifestyle modifications can improve physical and mental health.

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