Neck Pain in San Diego

Neck Pain

If you are having neck pain in San Diego, this information should be helpful.

Recently a patient has gone to the Chiropractor with symptoms of neck pain. The female patient has suffered from neck pain for the last two months. Unfortunately, she was unable to determine the cause of her neck pain and decide it was time to seek the advice of a Chiropractor. She gave the doctor a list of symptoms she was experiencing and also informed the doctor of what type of work she did for a living. The doctors has determined from her information that she worked in an office answering phones and taking orders at a desk. She worked for 8 hours a day with a 5 day work week. She was also scheduled to work for 40 hours a week with weekends off.

Her symptoms included a sharp pain in the neck that got worse towards the end of the day. She had also experienced pain with various activities that she participated in for more then 30 minutes at a time. These activities included such things as reading, driving, and washing her hair in the shower while leaning back. She did find temporary relief by taking medications, taking hot showers, and resting her neck on a pillow. Unfortunately the pain kept returning and was consistent. Although she did not experience any shooting pains in her arms or hands she did experience sharp pains if she moved the wrong way.

This is an all too familiar scenario at the Biophysics Chiropractic. Some people may find their first experience at the doctors to be intimidating. When seeking treatment here is a list of questions on your first visit that will help you understand and have less anxiety:

  • What is causing the pain and symptoms?
  • How can this be treated and what are my options for a treatment plan?
  • What does my health care cover, how much will it cost, and will the treatment work with my schedule?

Once these questions are answered the patient and the doctor will be able to determine what the best course of action will be. In this example, the following may be the treatment and procedures the doctor may advise:

  • Change of workstation set up and use of a headphone.
  • An evaluation of the patient’s work station may be performed. This will ensure that the desk, seating, and computer monitor are within the correct position.
  • An instruction to do exercises and stretches throughout the day to loosen muscles
  • A cervical traction may be added
  • A contoured pillow may be advised
  • An exercise program to build strength of the neck and back muscles.
  • Ice may be used to relieve pain and swelling
  • A change in diet may be part of your treatment
  • The use of supplements may be also added

Chiropractors can treat neck pain, headaches, upper back pain and many other conditions. Biophysics Chiropractic is dedicated to patient satisfaction and will work with you to determine a treatment plans that works for you. We have a reputation of building trust and confidence with our patients and will continue to give the best service available. We look forward to meeting you.

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